The Shoebox

At Pip & Henry, our mission is Mindful First Steps and wetake pride in being environmentally mindful across all aspects of our business.

The material used to make our shoes is just as important as the boxes they’re packed in, the marketing material your children are exposed to and what happens to the shoes after your children outgrow them. That’s why we’ve designed our shoeboxes to be used as a game…ensuring they continue to deliver real value and are used long after they deliver your shoes safely.

Let your children roll the dice and watch as they get more aware of the various ways in which they can re-use and recycle the waste we generate every day in our households. 

All our shoeboxes contain a foot measuring guide so that you can monitor your child’s growth and make sure they are wearing the right sizes of shoes and understand exactly when they need a new pair.

All our shoe boxes and inside stuffing of shoes and even our outer shipping box are made using 100% recyclable material.