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We make sustainable shoes for kids everywhere


Driven by a love for the environment Pip & Henry shoes will be high quality, sustainably produced, and stylish. We will also facilitate easy and proper recycling of outgrown shoes for parents.

Our vision is embedded in the stories of Pip & Henry which help educate the next generation in ways to improve our environment.


Watching my daughter grow and achieve new milestones thrills me to my core. But I am equally struck by how quickly she outgrows things… especially shoes and clothes…many still new before she needs to go a size up!

The guilt of over-consumption led me to look around for sustainable products and non-wasteful methods of disposal of outgrown ones. And this quest brought to the fore the shocking impact of the fashion industry on our environment.

I found that British families buy 60 million pairs of shoes for their children every year…with 85% of these ending up in landfills once outgrown.

The materials used for creating them take centuries to decompose, releasing harmful chemicals and polluting the land and water around them in the process. And so the seed of an idea for Pip and Henry was born. We strive to make well-made, fun yet eco-friendly shoes for children, while facilitating easy and proper recycling for parents.

Jeroo Doodhmal – Founder


Our shoes have been carefully designed to be stylish, durable, and use natural and sustainable materials.

Natural rubber is the main material for the shoe soles, the main patterned panels are hemp which is a blast fiber, and Pinatex, which is a sustainable natural textile made from waste pineapple leaf fiber, is used for the saddle and counter sections of the shoe.


We believe the best way to make children more aware of the impact their daily choices have on the environment and help them feel empowered to drive change is through playful and fun story-telling.  

Meet Pip, a little girl and her dinosaur friend Henry embarking on adventures to reduce the number of shoes ending up in landfill, befriending the bees, cleaning up dirty beaches and much more.

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