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We make stylish, super comfy and responsibly produced
children’s shoes for little change makers.

Mindful First Steps

We design stylish and durable footwear for fast-growing feet. Our playful children’s shoes are made from sustainable materials and when they outgrow them, we’ll even recycle them for you.

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The story so far…

We believe the best way to increase children’s awareness of the environment and help them feel empowered to drive change is through playful and fun storytelling.

So alongside our children’s footwear, we pen beautiful stories about Pip & Henry, a little girl and her dinosaur friend embarking on adventures to reduce the number of shoes ending up in landfill, befriending the bees, cleaning up dirty beaches and much, much more.

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“What a wonderful book with a strong message! My children and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and discussing its meaning.”

“They (the shoes) got a lot of love and attention from both my kids and also friends who saw them and Clara is very happy wearing them, so they must be comfy which is crucial.”

“They’ve just arrived. They are so beautiful. Thank you. And how amazing is the box and game. He wore them all day and never moaned or tried to take them off and walked well. Thank you.”

“The shoes are beautiful and so many people have commented on them when we have been out. They actually fit perfectly so it’s a good job that you suggested going up a size.”

“I cannot say this enough. The books are a real hit with the kids and an amazing way to connect with your real audience. They have been read day after day (night after night) for months on end. That says it all.”

Hand-drawn prints

We believe in encouraging children’s self-expression and freedom to chase their wildest dreams. Our bespoke prints are colourful, bold and distinct, a magical adventure for little minds.

Designed by our founder Jeroo, each of our shoes exists to give your child the security and inspiration they need to take their Mindful First Steps.

Our most-loved styles

Booties: Furry Friend

£28 (inc. delivery/taxes)

Chelsea Boots: Mustard

£85 (inc. delivery/taxes)

Booties: Dinosaur Delight

£28 (inc. delivery/taxes)

Sneakers: Dinosaur

£69 (inc. delivery/taxes)

The conscious family blog

Our mission is to help children take their first steps into the world more mindfully. As part of our commitment to this, we’ll be sharing tips, tools, and inspiration to help all of us as families make conscious choices and improve the world for our children.

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