Meet Pip & Henry

We believe the best way to make children more aware of the impact their daily choices have on the environment and help them feel empowered to drive change is through playful and fun story-telling.

As part of our commitment to change we created the characters Pip & Henry who, through our storybooks and games, help children understand how they can make better choices to help improve our environment.

The Story

Pip & Henry stories, written by our Founder Jeroo Doodhmal, are inspired in the same way as the design and production of our shoes – with a love for the environment.

In this first story, Pip & Henry learn that when people throw out their old shoes, they end up in landfills, leaching horrible chemicals into the ground and causing the forests and animals around them all sorts of pain. Can they think of a solution that is less polluting?


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Tiny Steps, Giant Futures!