Little Girl in silver dress standing under the Christmas Tree

It is that time of year again when we try to tick off every item on those handwritten Christmas lists. Our kids have waited all year for this day, and as parents, nothing can beat the look on their faces when they open their favourite gift.

Unfortunately, most gifts are not recyclable, which means they will ultimately end up in landfills.

However, this does not mean the magic of Christmas should be lost! The biggest problem with trying to shop sustainably is not knowing where to look in the first place. We thought it would only be right to share a list of outlets that have similar values about creating a better future for our Children.

From toys, to clothing, to tableware, here are our top 5 brands to add to your sustainable Christmas list:

Pure Earth Collection

Pure Earth Collection have a brilliant variety of toys and clothing for your little ones. Their products are made from non toxic, biodegradable materials with no nasty chemicals.

Eco Rascals

Eco Rascals provides biodegradable tableware for your children. Founded by two mums, offering items made from sustainable materials such as organic bamboo and plastic free silicone.

Their designs are playful and unique, making every mealtime a fun experience.

Plan Toys

Plan Toys are a brand who pride themselves in manufacturing amazing toys from sustainable materials such as wood from retired rubber trees. These toys are designed to boost child development which they believe is essential during your their first five years.


Using recycled natural rubber and sustainable rubberwood, Hevea provides a wide range of products for your kids such as dummies, placemats, and toys. Their goal is to reduce waste while making tangible efforts to link sustainable thinking with aesthetic design.

Pip and Henry

Finally our very own PIP & Henry. We have recently launched our new Chelsea Boot and Baby Bootie Range. Made from luxurious sustainable materials such as nubuck and sheep fur, designed to support correct foot growth whilst looking stylish and fun.

To top it all off, once your little one outgrows their shoes, we will recycle the pair and you will receive £10 off the next. Thus, doing our bit to reduce waste caused by the fashion industry.