Pip & Henry Small & Wild

The month of love is here!

As we continue to ease ourselves into the new year, the month of love always seems to bring about a sense of comfort and excitement. This month we are running our ‘Love Your Sole’ Campaign where we highlight important issues regarding our children’s well-being, both physically and mentally. Each week we have discussed different ways in which we can promote freedom of expression and mindfulness amongst our little ones. We kicked off our Love Your Sole campaign with international storytelling week followed by children’s mental health week. This week, in true Valentine’s Day fashion we are teaming up with mum-run kid’s tea company, Small & Wild to discuss the importance of nourishment and self-love.

So, what is self-love, and how do I explain it to my children?

In simple terms, self-love means accepting yourself fully. It is not just about feeling good but rather, about appreciating yourself and learning how to grow physically, psychologically, and spiritually. In a nutshell, it means nurturing your own happiness, growth, and well-being. We all know our kid’s brains are like sponges, absorbing everything they see around them. A great way to start teaching self-love is simply by setting an example. Making a point of talking to and about yourself with love, taking time to improve your talents, and looking after your physical health are all brilliant examples and can be actioned day to day. According to studies children begin to develop a ‘self-concept’ during the ages of 3-5. A child’s self-esteem begins to rise between the ages of 4 and 11, gaining a sense of independence as they start to develop socially. Besides setting a good example, there are a few things we can do, especially during these important years to teach self-love.

  • Letting them know how much they mean to you - Knowing you are valued and appreciated is the first step to making someone feel important.
  • Self-praise- When your child does well at something, get them to tell you how it made them feel. Asking questions such as, “how do you feel about winning that game?” or “how do you feel about being chosen for the team?” This will reinforce that feeling good about yourself is more important than getting the approval of others.
  • Healthy choices- Learning from a young age that a healthy body means a healthy mind. Teaching your children that nourishment is important and that their bodies will reward them for making healthier choices.
  • Prioritize downtime- In today’s busy world, it is important to teach our little ones that it is good practice to take a moment for yourselves. Whether it be curling up with a good book and cup of tea, or having some play time in the park. Part of self-love is knowing when to take a break.
  • Encouraging freedom of expression - All children are unique in their own way. Each with their own set of talents and passions. Nurture the things they excel at. Show interest in their hobbies. The more they are encouraged, the more their self-confidence will grow.

Who are Small & Wild and how do they encourage self-love?

We have teamed up with Small & Wild this week as they share the same passion for creating a better world for our little ones. Founded in 2017 over a hot cup of tea, mums Kate and Becky have made it their mission to create healthier, delicious drink options for children. Each blend is specially crafted for children’s taste buds, from 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no added sugar or nasties. Their FSC-certified boxes feature gorgeous hand-drawn animal illustrations to capture children’s imaginations. Their large (compostable) pyramid tea bags show off all the beautiful ethically sourced ingredients specifically blended with healthy growing bodies in mind.

“It has brought so much joy to our day to sip these together as a family.”

At this time of year, when winters are cold and dark, our little people are tired and wired at the end of busy school days. Small and Wild encourage taking time to unwind as a family over a warming cup of herbal tea. Making a conscious decision to prioritize relaxation and resetting as a form of self-love. Small & Wild stresses the importance of carving out some moments of quiet and calm. Moments to process the day, be mindful, and reconnect with each other. Sitting down for a cup of tea with your crew is a great place to start - and a view shared by families of tea drinkers alike. In fact, tea mindfulness or meditation is a well-established ritual and a brilliant way of taking 5 minutes in your day to put aside everything else that is going on. It’s beneficial for kids and adults alike. You can find out more about this, and some ideas for how to structure your very own tea mindfulness activity in their special mindfulness blog.

Highly recommended and popular amongst little tea drinkers is their camomile-based Snoozy Fox blend to unwind before bedtime.

“My daughter loves the Snoozy Fox tea and now it is becoming part of our bedtime ritual to relax before bed.”

Warmth, comfort, love and reassurance are all feelings little (and big) tea drinkers have referenced when they have a cup of tea. What better way to show yourself a bit of self-love than to pop the kettle on, take five, and enjoy a ‘hug in a mug’.

For more delicious herbal tea products, visit their website: