Some of the FAQs you may want to include here are:

Why aren't all my products eligible for trade-in?

We accept any shoes from any brand, provides they are clean, dry and packaged before posting.

How much will I receive for my items?

The amount of credit we offer for each customer is £10 for the return of Pip and Henry shoes, and a £7 for the return of any other brand.

How long will it take until I receive my credit?

We aim to process all trade-ins within 3 days of receiving them. Once we’ve processed your trade-in, your credit will be issued immediately via email.

What do you do with the product?

Once your shoes arrive with us, we send them to our partner company, First Mile, who will responsibly strip your old shoes into their component parts and repurpose them for different uses (such as playground surfaces and floor fillers)

Do I Get £10 for every shoe I return.

No, You will receive a discount every time you send a shoe recycling shipment to us.

Do I pay for shipping?

Pip and Henry will cover all shipping costs.

Contact us

Have an issue? Send us an email at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

If you have a question about a trade-in you have created, please include the trade-in ID in the subject line of the email.