Pip and Henry Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered in England under company number 12544357.

We offer customers the right to send used shoes to the Pip and Henry in return for a discount voucher.

These are the terms and conditions on which you may access and use the Service. These Terms will be binding on you when you use the Service.

In these Terms: 

  1. when we refer to "we", "us" or "our", we mean Pip and Henry.
  2. when we refer to "you" or "your" we mean you, the person accessing and using the Service
  3. These Terms shall govern the relationship between Pip and Henry and you.

When certain words and phrases are used in these Terms, they have specific meanings (these are known as "defined terms"). You can identify these defined terms because they start with capital letters (even if they are not at the start of a sentence). Where a defined term is used, it has the meaning given to it in the section of these Terms where it was defined (you can find these meanings by looking at the sentence where the defined term is included in brackets and speech marks).




    1. In order to access and use the Service you must: 

1.1.2 be in a geography where the service is being offered

1.3 The Service and these Terms are only available in the English language.

2. Using the Service

2.2 Items exceeding the dimensions of 40cm x 30cm x 15cm are not eligible for the Service.

2.4 You will be given the opportunity to identify and correct any input errors at the end of the Order process, before submitting your order. 

2.5 If you elect to trade-in any Used Product with Pip and Henry following the process set out above, Pip and Henry is under no obligation to confirm the trade-in, and any such confirmation is conditional on the Retailer agreeing to trade-in. If the Retailer refuses to confirm the trade-in on that Used Product, you will be notified via an email. Once the Retailer has received the Used Products and confirmed the trade-in, you will be sent a Discount Code.

2.6 In consideration for the trade-in and delivery of the Confirmed Items by you pursuant to these Terms, we shall procure that: 

2.6.1 the Retailer (Pip and Henry) issues you a £10 discount code for the return of Pip and Henry shoes, and a £7 discount code for the return of any other brand.

We shall only procure the issuing of the Discount Code once your Confirmed Items have been delivered by courier or post to Pip and Henry and the Retailer has confirmed receipt of all the Confirmed Items.

2.7 The Retailer reserves the right to return any of the Confirmed Items to you (and/or, if agreed between the Retailer and you, amend the aggregate Offer Price) if:

2.7.1 Any items are sent besides shoes;

3. Collection of Goods

3.1 You may incur a cost for the shipping of your Confirmed Items to Pip and Henry. Pip and Henry will cover all shipping costs. £10 Discount Code will be issued for the return of Pip and Henry shoes, and a £7 Discount Code for the return of any other brand.

3.2 During the order process, and provided the aggregate Offer Price for your Confirmed Items is above any minimum threshold indicated on the Website, we will provide you with shipping options for the relevant Confirmed Items. You must select one of the shipping options to be able to submit the order. For any shipping option selected, Pip and Heny will not be responsible if they do not receive your Confirmed Items and you will not be entitled to receive your Discount Code.

3.3 We will provide you with a shipping label (“Shipping Label”) based on the shipping option you have selected during the order process. You must attach the Shipping Label to any packaging you place your Confirmed Items in (the “Package”) for mailing to Pip and Heny. You are responsible for sourcing packaging materials for your Package. You must drop your Package off at an eligible drop-off location as instructed on the Website or on the Shipping Label. We strongly recommend you get proof of postage.

3.4 You must mail your Confirmed Items within fourteen (14) days of submitting your Order, or your Order will be cancelled.

3.5 All Confirmed Items must be included in your Package. In the event any Confirmed Items are missing or incorrect.

4. Discount Code 

4.1 When Pip and Henry issues a £10 Discount Code for the return of Pip and Henry shoes, and a £7 Discount Code for the return of any other brand.   Your use of that Discount Code must be in accordance with the Retailer's Discount Code Terms of Use. 

4.2 Discount Codes cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes. 

4.3 Discount Codes will be in electronic form.

4.4 We will make electronic Discount Codes available to you by email and through the ‘My Trade-ins’ section of the Website. 

5. Closure of the Service

5.1 Pip and Henry reserves the right to close the Service (either on a temporary or permanent basis) on reasonable notice at any time. 

5.2 The closure of the Service will not affect: (a) any Contracts formed prior to the closure of the Service; or (b) any of your rights to use the Discount Code issued to you through the Service prior to the closure.

6. Cancellation rights

6.1 You are not, in relation to these Terms or any Contract, entitled to the ‘right to cancel’ granted to consumers in certain business-to-consumer distance contracts (for the UK, under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 or the equivalent legislation implementing Directive 2011/83/EU in other EU member states).

8. Liability

8.1 Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits our liability for:

8.1.1 death or personal injury caused by our negligence;
fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; and
any matter in respect of which it would be unlawful for us to exclude or restrict our liability.

8.2 If we fail to comply with these Terms, we are responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of these Terms or our negligence, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it was an obvious consequence of our breach or if it was contemplated by you and us at the time that the Contract between you and us became binding.

8.3 Nothing in these Terms affects your statutory rights. Advice about your statutory rights is available from your local Citizens' Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.  

8.4 We only supply the Service for domestic and private use. You agree not to use the Service for any commercial or business purposes and we have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

8.5 You acknowledge and agree that Pip and Henry is not a party to any Contract and is not liable to you for any losses, damages, costs, expenses or other liabilities that you may suffer or incur under any Contract.

9. Changes to these Terms

We may make changes to these Terms from time to time (if, for example, there is a change in the law that means we need to change these Terms) but the Terms applicable at the time of your Offer will apply to that Contract. Please check these Terms regularly to ensure that you understand the Terms that apply at the time that you access and use the Service.

10. Contacting us

10.1 Should you have any reasons for a complaint, we will endeavour to resolve the issue and avoid any re-occurrence in the future. You can always contact us by using the following details: 

Email info@pipandhenry.com

Thank you