Pip and Henry Bookset

David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg have captured the imaginations of kids. And parents are fast having to learn how to talk to them about the planet and things we can do to protect it.

As a planet-friendly mum myself, I’ve bought many books for my daughter that have captivated her, and so I’m sharing the Top 3 that sit on our bookshelf with you…

Somebody Swallowed Stanley, by Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts, the writer, is an inspirational environmentalist herself, who’s been documenting the negative impact humans have on even the most remote eco-systems for years through articles, blogs and events. As part of her educational campaign, she wrote this children's picture book which has a powerful message about the threat of plastic pollution.

This beautifully illustrated and captivating

book is a hot favourite in our home, and has been read multiple times over and over again!

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Greta and the Giants, by Zoe Tucker

Another favourite from our bookshelf, this one is inspired by the real story of Greta Thunberg. Beautifully illustrated, this story follows Greta, a brave girl who day after day fights for what’s right and inspires other children to stand by her until the powerful ‘giants’ eventually begin to listen and save the forest. Find out more here.

Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet

Kate Pankhurst has done a brilliant job of bringing to life the real stories of so many amazing women…from Jane Goodall (who researched and worked to protect chimpanzees) to Edith Farkas (who discovered the ozone hole) to the women who pioneered the Chipko movement in India. A very easily digestible and inclusive book, which demonstrates that any action can be powerful in the fight against climate change!

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So there you have it…our favourite eco-conscious children’s books. And of course, you can also check out our own Pip and Henry books, written by me for my daughter while we were in Covid lockdown, on other environmental topics including:

Pip & Henry’s Bug Hunt

Pip and Henry and scouting around their home, looking for the Naughty Bug that's making everyone sick. Along the way they meet many other friendly bugs and creatures that reassure them that not all bugs are scary, how some bugs actually help the planet, and advise them on what to do next to stay safe. Can Pip and Henry send the Naughty Bug away and stop him coming back?

Find out more here.

Pip & Henry’s Shoe Shop

Where our little adventurers learn that when people throw out their old shoes, they end up in landfills, leaching horrible chemicals into the ground and causing the forests and animals around them all sorts of pain. Can they think of a solution that is less polluting?

Find out more here.

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