Pip and Henrys Bug Hunt Book

One of the hardest decisions I had to make very early on in the business was to do with naming it! The pressure to find something cool, unique, fashionable, fun yet inspiring, memorable and authentic felt immense!

And so I did what I often do when faced with infinite (& confusing choice)…go back to the beginning and reflect on why I started down this road. And the answer was simple…I didn’t want my daughter to become an unwitting participant in the destruction of the planet. I was embarking on a mission to create lasting change in the minds and lives of all the little people around me who I love and treasure.

I needed a name that would remind of that mission always…and have my daughter at it’s core. At home, we often refer her as Pipri or Pips…meaning ‘tiny little ant’ as when she was a baby she was truly a petite little cherub. And so Pip felt like a natural choice.

But I also wanted to create a brand that would resonate with children, and around which I could write children’s storybooks and create content that could help them learn about the environment and feel empowered to drive change. I needed brand heroes!

At the time of thinking through names, my daughter was also (like many 3 year olds) fascinated by dinosaurs and couldn’t get enough of them. We had dinosaur bedding, toys, books, birthday cakes and also 2 little soft-toys that she kept in her bed. She had named one of them ‘Honey Bun’ (don’t ask me why!?!) and the other ‘Henry’. And so I went with more socially appropriate choice! 😊

And that’s how Pip and Henry was born….a little girl and her dinosaur friend…off on fabulous adventures, discovering new lands, learning about how the world around them works and sharing effective strategies for saving the planet.

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jeroo doodhmal