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School’s out and the kids are home for the next few weeks. Excitement fills the house as this is no ordinary school break, it is the Christmas holiday break!

Decorations, tasty treats, and presents are just some of the many things to look forward to. However, as parents, we know it can be overwhelming juggling a full house, work, and the Christmas rush.

As the days are getting colder most children are going to be indoors this festive break. This can prove to be even more difficult as we try to figure out what indoor activity can we do next.

It is because of this that we have put together a list with a few of our favourite indoor activities to get up to.

Crafts Day:

It is estimated that up to a third of all paper and cardboard is not fully recycled in the UK. Around 7 million tonnes of card ends up in landfills every year. In most households recycling has become a part of our everyday lifestyle. However, now it’s time to step that up a notch and make recycling fun! What better way to do it, than with a craft day!?

From empty cereal boxes to the insides of toilet rolls. Lets get the kids involved by collecting these bits of card and turning them into something special. Whether it be making your own Christmas decorations or a cardboard musical instrument, the sky is the limit when a little creativity is involved!

A little Boy and Girl who have made musical instruments out of Card Board.

Indoor Dance Party:

We’ve all been in that position where we are cooped up in the house and need to burn off a little energy. This can be quite challenging when the weather is cold and miserable outside, however, it’s nothing a little dance party can’t fix.

Get the children to create their own playlist during the day, or better yet create their own dance routine. It’s the perfect way to burn off that extra energy whilst still lifting everyone’s spirits.

A little boy dancing with his parents at Christmas time.


Capture each and every memory this festive season by creating a scrapbook. Each day let the children make a page entry. This should include a small item that made their day special (be it a leaf, a feather, or even a flower) to be stuck in their scrapbook. Include a drawing and a write-up to the page of everything they got up to. By the end of the holiday, they will have a beautiful handmade book to look back on!

Two children making a scrapbook.

Indoor Camping:

Gather all the pillows and blankets in the house, because nothing says cosy Christmas quite like an indoor fort! In the spirit of camping and the great outdoors (or should we say indoors), it is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about the environment and how to look after it. We have a great selection of educational books to help in our recent blog: ‘Best Children’s Books With an Environmental Message’.

A little boy and girl shining a torch inside a fort they have built with sheets and blankets.

Educational Games and Puzzles:

We all know that every family has a competitive side, and what better way to bring it out other than a board game? Try introducing a games night once a week, each week a different family member gets to choose their favourite game of choice. Thus, creating an evening everyone will forward to!

Word searches, crosswords, and puzzles are brilliant ways to our kids’ minds stimulated during the holiday period. Try to have a variety of activities for them to complete both individually and as a family.

Little girl playing a board game on the inside of a Pip and Henry Shoe Box.

It is because of this that we have created our first-ever Eco Activity Pack, to help entertain the little ones during their school holidays.

These packs are filled with games, puzzles, and crafts designed to teach our children about the environment and sustainability.

For more information on our Eco Activity Pack, follow us on social media.

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