Pip and henry story book. Cartoon/ illustrated little girl handing a dinosaur a rose.

This February we are launching our ‘Love Your Sole’ campaign. A month where we focus on more than just our beautiful footwear. This month we are focusing on the mental, and physical well-being of our children. We will be collaborating with various sustainable and organic children’s brands in order to promote mindfulness and freedom of expression among our little ones.

Kicking off the month of February is national storytelling week. A week extremely close to our hearts.

According to recent data from literacytrust.org.uk Fewer than 1 in 2 (47.8%) children aged 8 to 18 said they enjoyed reading in 2022.

This is alarming as many people do not know the outstanding benefits that come from reading.

So why is story time so important?

Having that one-on-one time with your little one is so important. What better way to spend your moments together other than getting lost in pages of adventure? Storytime has been proven to help create a sense of comfort and reassurance, security, confidence, happiness, and relaxation.

Why introduce story books that rhyme?

Studies have shown that in the early years, a child’s rhyme awareness is linked to the ease with which they will learn to read.

With this in mind, all our pip and Henry adventures not only teach children to be mindful about caring for our planet, they also rhyme.

Each book was carefully written by our Founder Jeroo Doodhmal. Inspired in the same way as the design and production of our shoes – with a love for the environment.

Top reasons to re-introduce story time in the home:

  • Promotes brain development and imagination.
  • Develops language and emotions.
  • Helps develop early literacy skills.
  • Helps children to focus.
  • Helps social and communication skills.
  • Creates one on one bonding time with your kids.

All this being said we feel storytelling week has been a brilliant start to our ‘Love Your Sole’ Campaign. Over the next few weeks, we will be addressing issues such as children’s mental health, freedom of expression, and nourishment for both body and soul.

For more examples of story books to introduce in the home, see our blog post: Best Children’s Books with an Environmental Message